Cats Health Care – Natural Is Best!

Cats health care is complex, but simple at the same time. This seemingly contradictory statement stems from how humans view the world. All humans have a belief system set up, that is personal and based on their upbringing, their culture, their environment, their education, their religion, etc. When any of this is challenged, it can feel very uncomfortable, unsafe even.

Cats health care is complex because every aspect of your cat’s life needs to be examined. No stone can be left unturned. This is regardless of what you feel is good for your cat or not. Your preconceptions must not get in the way. You need to be very open minded.

So when you feel that you cannot examine an aspect that perhaps you need to, that may be necessary to get to the route of the problem your cat may be suffering with, you may be challenging your current belief system. Scary stuff indeed!

Cats health care is simple, because when you look at the whole picture, in its entirety, it can be easy to see where and why your cat may have a health issue.

Let’s first look at how cats in the wild live. This is how they evolved. This is why cats are so successful today.

At least three things spring to mind immediately – diet, freedom and health care.

Let’s deal with the last one first, as most people would be asking ‘where is health care in the wild’?

Animals seek out medicinal plants and herbs, to cure a variety of problems. They know which ones are good for any given ailment. They are far more savvy than the average human. Grass is a good example – cats use it to clear a digestive problem.

Animals also know that rest and sleep can cure a large number of problems. Field doctors in a war zone discovered this too. They found that the patients they were unable to help immediately, fared far better than those they got to first.

There is a magic to life that most humans know little about. Self healing is very strong in every living being.

The second item, freedom, may not be optional for many cats for safety reasons. However, cats are free spirited and do suffer without some freedom. It is well known that cats confined indoors all the time are less healthy and life shorter lives, than those who have free access outside.

How you go about addressing this depends on where you live. Securing a safe back yard may be an option for you. Some breeds take well to walking on a lead. Just making a closed run where they can feel the grass and the sun, may make all the difference to their lives.

Probably diet is the most important aspect of everyone’s health care. Yet diet is dismissed by many as being irrelevant to health. That’s a bit like saying that the type of fuel you put in your car is immaterial to how it performs.

The fact is that the typical commercial cat foods fed to most cats is the cause of most of their health issues. It also means that by changing the diet of your cat to a natural one, it is highly likely that they will improve or even recover from their health problem.

Cats health care begins and ends by looking at the whole picture. Start by feeding your cat real, quality, nutritious food and watch the results.
For more information on a natural diet and health care for cats, click on the link below.

Dogs Health Care – Give Your Pet a Healthy Pain-Free Life

There are heart problems, depression, dental issues and other problems associated with the health of our lovely companions so follow simple health regime to keep the problems away. Dogs health care is also essential as their health will directly affect your as well as your kid’s health. Therefore, learn the right methods of pet care and enjoy healthy mutual relation with the most trusted companion for years.

Pet dental care: People often ignore pet dental care which is very important for the overall growth and health of dogs. Like humans, these pets are also vulnerable to teeth problems like tartar and plaque build up and periodontal diseases and hence, pet dental care is of great importance. The oral hygiene must be given priority from the very first day and remember there is never too early to start a health regime. Pet dental care begins with what your dog eats; always prefer dry foods than moist as moist food lacks in certain vitamins and can also promote the growth of bacteria.

You can provide bones to your dogs to chew as it can naturally help your dog grow stronger teeth and keep the problems at bay. Besides, you can also use special dog brush and tooth-paste to clean the teeth of your pooch. If any of the dental problem persists even after intense care, then consult a veterinarian and follow what you are advised.

In fact, some dog breeds are more prone to dental problem than others and hence, you must know in which category your dog can be placed so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your pet for several years to come.

What else is included in dog health care: There are various stages of dog health care which is not only limited till pet dental care. You have to take care of your dog’s digestive system and overall fitness. Pets need daily physical exercise in one or other form to keep their digestive system functional and their heart working. Take the pet out for a walk and encourage it to perform activities that can keep them active. Apart from this, pet grooming is essential to keep the pets healthy and active. Take proper care of their eyes, ears, hair coat and other parts of body to avoid major health complications.

There are various annual medicines and vaccination schemes available to keep the pets healthy, happy and active.